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School Busses


Free transportation in district-owned buses is furnished to students who reside one and one-half miles or farther from school. All buses used by Whitebead School meet the requirements of the State Board of Education and operate in compliance with their regulations. All students are urged to regard the bus as a classroom as far as conduct is concerned. Safety is stressed at all times.

The driver of the bus is a school official and has the same authority as a classroom teacher over the students in his/her care. All rules that apply in school also apply on the bus and on field trips. The driver has absolute authority and its expected to look after the welfare of all students under his/her care, any student may be removed from the bus who persists in disobeying bus regulations. After getting on the bus, no student is to depart from the bus until it reaches school in the morning or arrives at the designated place for him/her to leave the bus in the evening, except by special permission from the bus driver. A note signed and dated by the parents is necessary for permission to the given, and/or if the student is to ride a different bus than normal.


Students must bring a note signed by his/her parent if they are to do anything other than ride the usual bus. The note is due the day of the change.

  1. Students should use a safe route in walking to and from the bus stop and walk facing traffic, if at all possible.

  2. Students need to be on time at the school bus stops. They should avoid having to run to catch the bus, or having the school bus wait for them.

  3. Students should use the handrail when getting on or off the bus.

  4. They should be seated immediately and keep the isle clear.

  5. There is no eating or drinking on the bus.

  6. Students must keep all parts of their bodies inside the bus at all times.

  7. Students are not to throw things out of the bus windows and should not be loud or boisterous.

  8. There is no horseplay allowed on the school bus.

  9. Students need to maintain complete silence at railroad crossings.

  10. When students are loading or unloading to cross the street, they should always walk in front of the bus and wait for the driver to motion them across the street.

  11. Students are not to walk behind the school bus when it is loading and unloading.

  12. Students are not to open or close the school bus doors and they are not to sit in the driver's seat.

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