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The library collection consists of over 8,000 titles including books, videos, DVDs, digital cameras and references. Students, parents, and teacher can access the collection through the link provided below (Whitebead Library Electronic Catalog). The library accommodates our entire (PK - 8th) student body and supports the Accelerated Reader program by identifying and labeling individual books with AR information. Catalog search capabilities allow users to access AR information on each book and search by AR criteria (i.e. reading level) as well as subject, title and author. This is a great tool to use for browsing and selection prior to coming to the library.

Whitebead Library Electronic Catalog

Open Book
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EBSCO and Funk & Wagnalls Databases: These databases, funded by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries and the Institute of Museum and Library Services, are a great resource for student research. EBSCO includes Searchasaurus (young children), Kids Search (upper elementary) and Student Research Center (middle school and up). Encyclopedia, magazine, biography, dictionary, newspaper, report, image, and map databases are included. These databases are available through Digital Prairie.

Students and parents – I urge you to check out these sites. Designed especially for students, they are excellent tools for information (no need to Google and wonder what might come up!) Students can also access them through the school computers.

Click Here for Access to Digital Prairie

The Oklahoma Library Association honors Native American leader, Sequoyah, with the Sequoyah Book Awards. Please visit the Oklahoma Library Association website to learn more about the award and to view book winners and the newest booklists.

Holding Books


Get up to date information on books that our students are reading. Click on the widget to see which books your child is reading at our school. You will be amazed to see how many words and books our students are reading each month. Check back often to see the latest information.

Whitebead E-Books

You Can Read Whitebead Library e-books 24 Hours a Day!

1. Go to or click on link in Library Google Classroom

  • Log in username: whitebead

  • Password: chiefs

2. In the narrow your search to… box go to Material Type, click on the arrow, select Electronic Book (e-Book)
3. In the Find box click on box, then hit go
4. A list of all e-books will come up
5. Click on Open then click on book icon to check out
6. When you have finished your book, click on the book icon to return the book or click on Close Book in the upper left hand corner of screen

eBook Reader
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