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Board of Education

Governing Board

Our Governing Board, as community representatives, share our dedication to the education of our children. As part of a caring community, the are committed to helping us establish the highest standards possible for our students' giving freely of their time and talents. They also help us fulfill out school's mission statement.

Our Governing Board Members are:

  • Everett Plummer >> President 
  • Ed Tillery >> Vice President
  • Jess Patton >> Clerk

Please feel free to attend our regularly scheduled Board meetings. You can check the district calendar for further information and meeting times. You may view our fiscal year 2018-2019 Expenditure Budget.



In the Cafeteria, Whitebead Public Schools (unless otherwise stated):

16476 N County Rd. 3200
Pauls Valley, OK 73075

Located 5 miles west of I-35 on Highway 19, west of Pauls Valley.